commercial idly steamer

Features of a high-quality Commercial Idly steamer

Every Indian restaurant, hotel, canteen, or other establishment that provides consumers authentic Indian food uses a commercial idly steamer as one of their primary kitchen appliances. A commercial idly steamer puts in a lot of effort in the kitchen by steam cooking numerous idlys at once. Therefore, it’s crucial that any kitchen select the right kind of commercial idly steamer for everyday use.

Here are a few pointers that will help you understand what to look for when buying a commercial idly steamer.

  • Material

Did you know that the most popular metal for constructing cookware is aluminum? This is due to the fact that metal is a superb heat conductor and quickly and evenly cooks food. It is essential to pick a commercial Idly steamer that is simple to use, durable, and scratch-resistant when purchasing for restaurants. Aluminum is used to make SunBrand Commercial Idly steamers, which are durable and simple to maintain. It is one of the brands of idly steamers that many chefs prefer.

  • Safety

It’s important to check that the commercial idly steamer you buy for your restaurant is both secure and simple to operate. Commercial idly steamers can quickly prepare large quantities of idly. So make sure the steam that effectively cooks the food escapes the steamer and does not condense there. When you open the steamer, the steam may burn your skin and the quality of your idlys will be poor if the steam does not exit the steamer effectively.

Check that the steamer has handles on both sides as well. You may carry the steamer from one area to another with ease thanks to the handle. Additionally, this will make it simpler for you to manage so that you don’t get burned.

  • Ease of use

Idly plates that exactly fit your idly steamer and batter are all you need to make idlys in a commercial idly steamer. You must pour the batter into the holes in the idly plates. The idly plates are then slid into the steamer. Now turn ON your Idly steamer. Viola! A large number of idlys will be cooked in just a few minutes.

Additionally, commercial idly steamers can cook a variety of shaped idlys (heart shape, shell-shaped, apple-shaped, flower-shaped, star-shaped) with multi-shaped idly plates. Every time a customer comes to your restaurant, you can impress them with these multi-shaped idlys. Additionally, non-stick idly plates are available for commercial idly steamers and are considerably simpler to use, clean, and maintain.

  • Size

The number of idly plates determines an idly steamer’s actual capacity. For a standard idly steamer, SunBrand offers idly plates in aluminum and non-stick that vary from 4 points to 9 points. For a commercial idly steamer, four plates produce 36 idlys, six plates produce 54, eight plates produce 72, ten plates produce 90, and twelve plates produce 108 idlys, each with nine pits. There are 36 pits for small idlys, 25 pits for ordinary idlys, and 9 pits for thattu idlys in big idly trays. Depending on your needs, you may choose any size or quantity of idly steamer.

  • Multi-purpose

You don’t just serve idlys in a hotel, restaurant, or any other eating establishment. For one supper, you will need to provide a range of items. then investing in a multi-functional commercial idly steamer will help you avoid purchasing a large quantity of cookware of a restaurant quality that would take up too much space. Due to the availability of idiyappam and dokhla plates for the idly steamers, SunBrand commercial idly steamers can also be used to prepare idiyappam and dhoklas. Consequently, this idly steamer will enable you to prepare a variety of dishes for your consumers.

  • Warranty

Commercial Ildy steamers should always come with a warranty just like household idly steamers. Idly steamers are not something you would typically purchase. As a result, it is advised to buy them from a renowned idly steamer manufacturer brand to make sure you get all the advantages without sacrificing anything. A reputable idly steamer will also benefit your health in a number of ways. You should contact the service provider to have any damage repaired if it occurs. A warranty guarantees durability and value. They should be sturdy and long-lasting because you wouldn’t want to buy idly steamers frequently.

SunBrand Commercial Idly steamer

SunBrand manufacture and offer a large selection of Commercial idly steamers made from premium quality Aluminum. This idly steamer is designed to fulfill all idly preparation requirements. The regular and non-stick idly plates from SunBrand are hygienic and easy to clean. You may readily get them online and at reasonable prices. You can prepare regular-sized idlys, mini-idlys and multi-shaped ildys. It is a versatile kitchen equipment that can be used to make more dishes like dhoklas and idiyappam as well.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Body made of aluminum
  • Idly plates can be bought as per your requirement
  • Can make up to 108 idlys each time
  • For effective steaming idly plates are designed with holes.
  • Study handles
  • Can be used in both induction and stovetop
  • Durable

We think that only a top-notch commercial idly steamer and perfectly fermented idly batter can make perfectly fluffy idly. Making idly is simple, but find the appropriate commercial idly steamer can be challenging for many restaurant and hotel owners. SunBrand aluminum idly steamers can cook perfectly soft idlys in minutes.