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List of top 5 multi-shaped idly plates

Idly is the most authentic and healthy food that people all over India enjoy eating any time of the day. It is loved by many for its health benefits and its ability to digest easily. Piping hot idlys when dipped in hot sambar or any savoring chutney can make anybody drool.  Nowadays the taste of idly has been improved or in other words enhanced by adding ground or cooked vegetables, sooji, oats or even chocolate or jam.

You have seen idlys in different colors or with different kinds of stuffing. But, have you seen idlys cooked in unique shapes. Isn’t the thought of seeing piping hot idlys in unique shapes on plates appetizing? The unique or multi-shaped shaped idlys are not just appetizing but are a food mixed with fun and excitement. It can make any picky kid eat. Multi-shaped idlys are a great way to amaze your guests during a visit or your kids when made a fun snack for evenings with yummy stuffing and colors.

Making Multi-shaped idlys are damn easy. Just like traditional idlys you need only three main ingredients to make them soft, fluffy, and unique: A high-quality idly steamer, A Multi-shaped idly plate, and nicely ground and fermented idly batter. Here is a rundown of the best multi-shaped idly plates that you can buy online or from stores.

SunBrand Multi-shaped Idly plates

Make multi-shaped idlys in unusual unique shapes for a memorable event, a fun party, or a delicious after-school treat. These multi-shaped idlys can be made with a variety of SunBrand idly plates. Every dish with a distinctive shape is popular with kids, so idlys in weird shapes could be a great way to spice up mealtimes for your kids. Themed parties, unique occasions, and quick and simple yet impressive meals for guests can all be prepared using SunBrand multi-shaped idle plates. Give your typical idlys additional variation. With options like tutti frutti idly cooked with idly batter and SunBrand multi-shaped idly plates, masala idly with crunchy oats and broccoli, and beetroot idly with zingy chilies.

SunBrand shaped idly plates come in many different shapes such as heart-shaped, shell-shaped, triangle-shaped, flower-shaped, and mini idly plates, and Thatte idly plates.

Prestige multi-shaped idly plates

Idly is the easiest and healthiest cuisine for people of all ages to prepare because it can be made without oil and is steam-cooked. The Prestige Multi-shaped Idly Plates are an excellent addition to your Prestige Pressure Cooker because they are made of premium stainless steel. Prepare yourself for a delicious breakfast every day. Utilize Prestige pressure cookers and multi-shaped Idly plates. The edges of prestige multi-shaped idly plates are pierced with perforations. Idly plates include perforations that help the steam move from the bottom to the top more quickly, accelerating the cooking process.

Anjali stainless steel multi-shaped idly plates

With the Anjali idly maker, you can enjoy tastier, healthier breakfast items that are simpler to prepare, convenient, and hygienic. The Anjali idly maker is incredibly adaptable and lets you cook and serve lovely fruit-shaped idlys. The idly stand features four layers and four distinct fruit shape plates to assist you in creating soft and creative idlys.

With the help of this creative multi-shaped idly plates, you can create a wide range of delicacies, including idlys, dhoklas, chocolate idlis, frozen fruit drinks, and much more. It will captivate your young munchkin in a big way. Because the idly plate is composed of premium food-grade stainless steel, it is durable and long-lasting.

The multi-shaped Idly fruit plates are perfect for use on a gas burner. All you need to do is pour the batter into the plates, fix them with a stand, and then put them in the preheated Idly steamer. Enjoy your favorite sides with the fluffiest, tastiest idly. The fruit idly plate is easily cleaned with dishwashing liquid or dish soap using a scrubber or sponge to remove all the food debris, and it is then safe to use again.

Terifica non-stick shell-shaped idly stand

Terifica non-stick shell-shaped idly stand is made of food-quality aluminum (aluminum1100 grade) and coated with the world-famous Weilburger Greblon non-stick coating. The idlys cooked in Terifica non-stick shell-shaped idly plates have a distinctive scallop shell shape. The Shell Idly plates (Height: 160 mm Width: 203 mm) are compatible with steamers and larger-sized cookers and pressure cookers as well as your existing 5-liter cooker. These idly plates are ideal for throwing a beach-themed party for your little munchkin’s birthday or to wow your unexpected guests.

Tennyson multi-shaped idly plates

Tennyson multi-shaped idly plates are made of 202 different kinds of stainless steel that are ideal for everyday use. The plates can steam softer idlys every time you cook. Simple to use Mirrored surface make it easy to clean and maintain. Tennyson also offers idly steamer and Dhokla plates for customers at an additional cost along with Idli plates.

E-Kitchen stainless steel multi-shaped idly plates

E-kitchen stainless steel multi-shaped idly plates can Steams 16 idlys at one go. It can also be used to steam cook noodles, vegetables, and momos, and is ideal for daily usage. It comes with 4 uniquely shaped idly plates. The idly pot and plates are expertly made from high-quality stainless steel and are dynamically built to have a small shape that takes up the least amount of shelf space. The steamer and plates are suitable for both induction and LPG gas stoves. It has whistle for venting steam, strong, stylish bake-lite handles and knobs for durability and elegance.

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